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Los Angeles Times: March 28, 2019, by David Lazarus
Totally nuts: Trump again calls for trashing Obamacare without a viable alternative

The New York Times: The Upshot by Austin Frakt 12/24/18
Misconceptions About Health Costs When You’re Older
End-of-life spending may seem wasteful, but it turns out it’s hard to predict when someone will die.

New York Times: TheUpshot Published March 13, 2018
Why is US health care so expensive? Some of the reasons you’ve heard turn out to be myths. 

The Dartmouth, by Eileen Brady 2/15/18
Alex Azar ’88 confirmed as HHS secretary

Health Affair Bog, January 8, 2018, Peter Buerhaus, Jonathan Skinner,Benjamin McMichael, David Auerbach, Jennifer Perloff, Douglas Staiger, Lucy Skinner. “The Integrity of MACRA May Be Undermined by “Incident to Billing” Coding.”

New York Times: The Upshot, 2/13/17, Austin Frakt and Jonathan Skinner, The Puzzling Popularity of Back Surgery in Certain Regions

OECD Observer No 309 Q1 2017, Jonathan Skinner, Geisel School of Medicine and Department of Economics, Dartmouth, and Amitabh Chandra, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard. “Managing new health technologies”

USA TODAY Published 12:01 a.m. ET Dec. 21, 2017

Life expectancy is down for a second year. Drug overdoses are a big reason why.

Modern Healthcare-December 20, 2017
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